When you login you land on the homepage or the landing screen of the application. The heart of the application is the deals option you see in the navigation bar at the bottom of the application. Use this to access all available deals on the hubbIT platform.

Use the grades option in the menu bar to access all available grades on the platform. Grades can be priced or non-priced.

Priced grades are directly available in the deals section for your convenience.Quantity and price for priced grades can change based on market demand.

You can make an offer or request a price for non-priced grades.

We have provided an easy way for you to access your assigned trader in the application. You can do this by clicking the messages icon shown here. You can reach out directly to your assigned trader about a new order, an existing order , an offer or any other question you might have.

All your application settings can be accessed by the hamburger menu option shown here. You can do things like picking your favorite grades, your most commonly used pick up locations, change password, access your notification settings and more from this menu.

hubbIT platform wants to make it easy for you to trade. The platform provides updates when new deals are launched or when a particular grade is heating up. We also provide close to real time updates on your orders and offers so you are always in the know.

If you ever need help and do not want to reach out to a trader we have created a library of most common questions for you. This can be accessed conveniently using the help icon shown here. We are constantly adding more information here so please feel free to check in periodically.