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Streamline your selling process and maximize your returns with hubbIT. Our cutting edge virtual platform, tailor-made to simplify selling your materials to GP Recycling.
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Why Choose hubbIT for Your
Recycling Needs?

Transparent Pricing and Maximum Value:
At GPR, we believe in complete transparency. Say goodbye to the lack of pricing clarity that has plagued the recycling industry. With hubbIT, you'll always get upfront and transparent pricing to help you maximize the value of your recyclable materials.
Simplify and Save Time:

The traditional selling process can be complex and time-consuming. But with hubbIT, we simplify everything, making it effortless for you to submit orders and manage logistics. Spend less time on phone calls and more time growing your business.
Reliable Payments and Pickups:
Payment uncertainties and delayed pickups can create challenges. With hubbIT, you're dealing directly with GP Recycling and benefitting from GPR's reliable payment methods and extensive logistics network to ensure prompt and secure payments and timely material transportation.
Efficient Communication and Collaboration:

With hubbIT, you can ensure smooth transactions, quick responses to queries from a dedicated GPR trader, and clarity on order details, pickup schedules, and payment-related matters.

Sell Your Recyclables in 
3 Easy Steps:

1. Get Upfront Pricing on Your Grades:

Search for the grades you want to sell and find GP Recycling’s current pricing of more than 50 grades of Paper, Metals, and Plastics readily available 24/7.
2. Submit Your Order:
Simply select your desired shipping terms, weight, and number of loads to lock in your price and confirm your order instantly!
3. Schedule a Pick-up and Get Paid:
Once you’ve confirmed your order, you’ll receive a PO from GP Recycling within 1 hour. We’ll reach out to you to schedule load pickups.
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