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Get up-front no haggle pricing from Georgia-Pacific Recycling on all your recyclable materials. Set your desired pickup date and sell your recyclables to Georgia-Pacific Recycling instantly!
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Sellers of all sizes can now get upfront competitive pricing from a leader in global recycled commodities trading, Georgia-Pacific Recycling!

Sell Your Recyclables in 3 Easy Steps

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1. Get Upfront Pricing on Your Grades
Search for the grades you want to sell and get upfront pricing directly from Georgia-Pacific Recycling. We offer upfront pricing on 50+ grades, with another 100+ ready for offer.
2. Submit Your Order
Simply select your desired freight option, weight and number of loads to confirm your order instantly!
3. Schedule a Pick Up and Get Paid
Once your order is submitted, your Georgia-Pacific Recycling trader or account manager will reach out via email or phone to schedule load pickups. Payments are paid via purchase orders that are emailed to you within 1 business hour of order submission.

Why hubbIT

Reliability and Transparency

You work directly with Georgia-Pacific Recycling. We pay what we say we will and pick up on time. With hubbIT, there’s no middleman and no hidden costs.


Get upfront competitive pricing from a leader in global recycled commodities trading.


The 3 steps outlined above? They’re true. We designed hubbIT to be easy for you to sell and move your grades.

hubbIT is Designed with You in Mind

At Georgia-Pacific Recycling, we believe sellers of all sizes should have access to upfront competitive pricing on a full range of grades. That’s why hubbIT gives you:

  • Upfront competitive pricing without the need to negotiate for it
  • Real-time pricing, timely pick up, and reliable payments
  • Direct communication with your Georgia-Pacific Recycling account manager

No matter your organization’s size, hubbIT is here for you.

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Our Story

Harmon was established as a strong regional fiber trading company specializing in selling kraft grades to containerboard and gypsum mills.
Harmon partners with three Georgia-Pacific businesses: wastepaper purchasing for Georgia-Pacific’s containerboard mills, marketing of recyclable materials from box plants, and consolidation of Harmon and Georgia-Pacific recycling operations.
Harmon changes its name to Georgia-Pacific Recycling to reflect its position as a leader in international paper, aluminum and plastic recycling.
Georgia-Pacific Recycling launches hubbIT - the first of it’s kind resource for upfront pricing on recyclables - to better serve suppliers nationwide

Our Experience

Tons Traded
Years in the industry
Different Grades

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Commonly Asked Questions

Georgia-Pacific Recycling (GPR) is one of the largest buyers of recycled fibers, metals and plastics. Within hubbIT, you’ll find upfront pricing for over 50 materials with another 100+ grades ready for offer. If you don’t see the grade you’re looking to sell, you can still submit an offer by typing in the grade and submitting your offer. Your GPR Trader will then respond promptly with a price.
Within hubbIT, you are given multiple pricing options for each material. These include both domestic and export options, as well as the option of handling your own freight or having Georgia-Pacific Recycling pick the loads up. When submitting your order, you have the option of requesting desired pickup dates. Once your order is submitted, your trader or account manager will reach out via email or phone to schedule load pickups.
All payments are dealt in a traditional manner via purchase orders that will be emailed within 1 business hour of order submission. If you’re new to dealing with Georgia-Pacific Recycling, you’ll need to fill out some W9 information after submitting your first order, so we can ensure proper payment.
Each price is based upon the assumption of the industry-trusted ISRI material spec. If your material happens to be out of the expected quality parameters, your assigned GPR trader will reach out to determine the best course of action for all parties.